Thursday, August 20, 2009

Megadungeon - New Spells

Of the many mages who have ventured into the Forsaken Halls, one of the most notorious, and most successful, is Feldspar the Sly. Driven by his obsession to find, and pass beyond, the legendary Black Gates, he has put together over a dozen expeditions deep into the Halls. A magical innovator, he has developed an admirable body of spells specifically directed towards achieving success in the underworld, and has been known to sell some of his work when short of funding for his ventures. Below are six of Feldspar's known works, and ambitious mages may seek out Feldspar directly to gain still more.

Feldspar's Wondrous Torch Treatment

Level: 1
Range: Not applicable
Duration: Special
One problem with carrying torches in the Megadungeon environment is that, while they illuminate the area for twenty or thirty feet around the party so they can see, the party is unfortunately visible from extremely far away to any hostiles that may be looking. Feldspar's Wondrous Torch Treatment will enspell up to one lit torch per level of the caster so that the light from the torches is not visible from more than thirty feet away, allowing the party to move more stealithly through the underworld. When the torches gutter out, the spell fizzles as well.

Feldspar's Reliable Rustproofing
Level: 1
Range: 10'
Duration: 1 Turn
Never one to venture into the underworld without an extensive posse of well-armed retainers, Feldspar tired of seeing them disarmed and nuetralized by the infamous Rustmonsters lurking on the second level, seemingly at every turn. His Reliable Rustproofing prevents rusting from occuring within a ten foot radius of himself for 1 turn, thus giving his men-at-arms enough time to dispatch the nuisances.

Feldspar's Wayfinder
Level: 1
Range: personal
Duration: 1 Hour
One of Feldspar's greatest fears was becoming lost in the underworld, stemming from the time one of his retainers stumbled into a pit filled with acid, ruining the party's map. Feldspar's Wayfinder allows the caster to unerringly know the fastest way to the surface, for one hour.

Feldspar's Phantasmal Retreat
Level: 2
Range: 10'
Duration: 1 round
Feldspar's Phantasmal Retreat creates illusory versions of the caster and any allies within ten feet, and renders the same folks briefly invisible. This allows for an outmatched party to flee a combat that is simply not going their way, free from the devasting attacks often incurred in such a full-scale retreat.

Feldspar's Pervasive Charming
Level: 2
Range: 30'
Duration: 3 rounds
Feldspar's Pervasive Charming temporarily enchants every drawn weapon within 30' for three rounds. This is extremely helpful in situations where a hostile can only be hit by magical weapons, but bear in mind that the radius may include the enemy's weapons in well. The spell imparts no actual plus to hit or damage, but is effective against resistances of up to +3.

Feldspar's Enforced Hesitation
Level: 3
Range: 120'
Duration: 1d2 rounds
Feldpar's Enforced Hesitation effectively dazes a group of enemies in a 20' radius, leaving them uncertain of what to do, and therefore inactive for up to 2 rounds (no save!). An excellent way to turn the tide when combat just isn't going the party's way, allow the party to burst through and pass a large group of guardians, or simply to help get the drop on enemies in an ambush.


  1. These are all great spells! I'm dropping Feldspar and his magics into my own campaign world.

    Also, I think you might want to talk to this guy:

  2. Nice, thanks for the heads up, Jeff!

  3. I like these quite a bit Al. I'd have said so earlier, but I check so many game blogs now, I sometimes get behind! My OSR tankard runeth over!

  4. awesome! I'm yoinking them for my own game. thanks. (Geleg)



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